June 14 -17, 2017

First Time Attendees Tips

‚ÄčWelcome First Time Attendees! 

When you register, be sure to put ‘zero’ in the ‘number of past years you have attended field’, which will place you on our First Time Attendee email list.  You will then receive specific tips and general information from our Board Members, in advance of the conference, such as where to go when you arrive, what to wear, and more!  The field looks like this within the registration process:       

  • Number of past years you have attended EAMC. (First-time attendees put zero.)

Be sure to plan your travel to arrive in time to attend the First Time Attendee Welcome, The Art of Networking with Annetta Wilson and Teambuilding on Wednesday, June 14th.  More details will be included on the Agenda page and in our emails as we get closer to the conference, but all provide great networking opportunities right from the start! 

You can also take advantage of our Peer-to-Peer’ Mentoring Program where you could be matched with a veteran attendee in advance of your arrival at the conference.  For more information or to sign up now, please contact Tami Allen ([email protected]).  

Deadline is no later than Friday, June 9th.  

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