EAMC Announces Impact Award

The Impact Award was established to recognize an individual who is making a change for good in their community or within the entertainment community regardless of whether it is through their employer or on a personal level. In the words of John Lewis, we encourage all of you to go out and get into “good trouble.” Whether it is fighting for social justice, feeding the hungry, helping the disabled, influencing a diverse hiring process, or any other great cause, we all need to make an impact.

The inaugural Impact Award will honor a professional in the live entertainment industry who has made a positive impact as a contributing member in their community in 2020. The submission should describe how the nominee contributed to the improvement of their community and the organization or cause that was impacted. Submit a 500 word description by March 31, 2021. Self-nominations are welcome.

To nominate an individual, please click HERE.

EAMC Spotlight: Eric Bresler

Name: Eric Bresler
Years in industry: 29 years
Venue/Previous Venue: Climate Pledge Arena in Seattle, WA; previously at the Chase Center in San Francisco
Most Recent Job Title: Senior Vice President, Programming Climate Pledge Arena & Oak View Group 
City/State You Currently Live in: Seattle, WA
Superpower: The Power of Treating Others with Respect.
What was your first job in the industry?
Marketing & Public Relations Coordinator at Joe Robbie Stadium (Hard Rock Life Stadium) in Miami, FL
Who was your most influential mentor and what advice did they give you?
I am very fortunate to have been impacted by many wonderful professionals in the business, but Donna Dowless is someone who I look up to. When I moved to Miami from Los Angeles to start my career, she took an immediate interest and offered me invaluable support, guidance and a life long friendship developed. There are so many pieces of advice, but her most important one was build relationships as the industry is all about the connection and keeping an enthusiastic attitude.
My other mentor is my dad who as a talent agent. He instilled the art of being loyal and always going above and beyond for your client.
What is your most memorable event that you worked and why?
The Grand Opening of Chase Center in San Francisco featuring Metallica and The San Francisco Symphony for S&M2. It was such a spectacular event and a true Bay Area celebration. The teamwork to pull it off was amazing and together we accomplished an event that will be remembered forever.

What's the biggest mistake you ever made? How did you handle or recover from this mistake?

It is not about the biggest mistake one has made; it is more about learning from them and making sure that when a similar situation occurs again you reflect on the past experience and make sure not to duplicate it. The only way you learn and grow is by making a mistake. That is a natural process.

Looking back, what's the one thing that you today would tell yourself when you were just starting out in the industry?

The arena industry will present many twists and turns and it is important to remain true to your core foundation. Building a career in the business does take time and you need to be patient. Your job in arena marketing may not be the final piece of the business you are working in and be prepared to learn as much as possible about the other sides of the industry. You must be a sponge and have a thirst for learning. The industry is competitive and you need to self evolve to make sure you grow every day. You never know when you may be presented with an opportunity that you did not expect and need to be ready.

What year and city was your first EAMC?

1995 in Orlando, Florida

What role/roles have you held with EAMC? Past Planning Committee and Board member

What has been the most valuable aspect of your participation in EAMC?

EAMC has led to new arena marketing business skills, deep industry relationships and a passion for the business.

If you could attend an EAMC in any city in the world, where would it be and why?

Italy - Great food and great people; that’s what EAMC is all about.

What is your favorite event you've ever attended and why?

Favorite events: watching the LA Kings win two Stanley Cups. Favorite concert - seeing Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band take the stage at AmericanAirlines Arena in Miami, FL.

What's your best piece of advice to anyone starting out in the industry or attending their first EAMC?

If you're starting out in the industry, put effort into connecting with people. In today’s climate it is more than email and text, you must talk and learn about the person. When you attend your first EAMC, make sure to engage and get as much out of the conference as possible. Go to every panel and make sure if the opportunity presents itself to ask a question. The chances are the person next to you is thinking the same thing, and by asking a question, you get noticed. The conference will shape you and help you in your career, but you must be active with it.

Is there anything else you would like us to include?

I owe a tremendous amount of gratitude to EAMC. I would not be where I am in my career without the conference, and there are so many people who have helped me along the way and I'm so appreciative. The arena marketing industry is about the people, and EAMC has wonderful, talented marketers who have a bond and a spirit. 

2020 Silver Linings

In December we invited you to share your Silver Linings from 2020, COVID and the shutdowns. Below are a few additional Silver Linings that we wanted to share.

Name/Venue: Ereka Brim, Charlotte Hornets

"The time and opportunity to have conversations with family, friends and colleagues that helped us to connect and grow in Empathy, Love, Appreciation and Respect."

Name: Heidi Champagne, EAMC Planning Committee

"I've never had a BRAND NEW puppy in the house before! Since I've been so fortunate to be able to work from home, we decided to welcome a new puppy to the household! We now have three humans, two cats and two dogs!"

 Name/Organization: Shelby Thompson, EAMC Event Planner

"With my husband working from home every day, the kids LOVE when he comes down the stairs for lunch and dinner. Usually each day they sit and eat lunch together and play a board or card game. The extra time together each day is something they treasure!"

Name/Venue: Valentina Barton, V.Maria Consulting

"It's been one year since I stepped out into full time entrepreneurship building my consulting agency, and I hired my first employee this month!"