GIGI Award of Excellence

At a conference planning meeting in late 1999, a decision was made by the Board of Directors to honor a former or current marketing professional for significant contributions made to professionalize and educate event marketers within the live entertainment industry.

The award was named after Gigi Pilhofer, who became the first recipient of the annual honor in 2000. We honored Gigi for her insight, vision and efforts to professionalize event marketing.

Gigi Award Recipients

  • Gigi Pilhofer (2000)*
  • Sydney Greenblatt (2001)
  • Rich Oriolo (2002)
  • Edie Brown (2003)
  • Russ Simons (2004)
  • Karen Swan (2005)
  • Hilary Hartung (2006)
  • Tammy Koolbeck (2007)
  • Bobby Goldwater (2008)
  • Sunny Rubenstein (2009)
  • Larry Rubin (2010)
  • Jim Delaney (2011)
  • Bob Collins (2012)
  • Cliff Clinger (2013)
  • Suzanne Richardson (2014)
  • Roberta Wright (2015)
  • Pam Deville (2016)
  • Vince Egan (2017)*
  • Joe Flanagan (2018)
  • Linda Deckard (2019)


Nominations for this annual award are taken by the Board of Directors each year prior to the fall planning meeting. A vote is then taken during the fall planning meeting with the Gigi honoree receiving the Award of Excellence at the annual conference in June. If you are interested in nominating an individual, please contact a board member with the name and biographical information.